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Episode 172 - An Interview With Kavanah Media's Marketing Manager

In this episode, Jon will interview Sean Ralls, the digital marketing manager for Kavanah Media. Sean will share lessons learned from mistakes that he has seen in digital efforts. He will also share about TikTok and some specific advice for those thinking about using that platform. For TikTok country restrictions, click here: To...

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Episode 171 - How To A/B Tests On Your Website (Part 2)

In this second part of this training, Jon will show how to actually set up an A/B test using Google Optimize. To watch the training video, click here:

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Episode 170 - How To Do A/B Testing On Your Website (Part 1)

In this first part of two, Jon will discuss how to set up Google Optimize so as to do A/B testing on your website. This episode will talk through the installation and set up process. Detailed instructions are also available for download here: To watch the video training, go here: https://you...

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Episode 169 - How To Use The Formula For Change

We all want change in our life, but how do we accomplish it? In this week's episode, Jon will be sharing the Dannemiller formula for change and how it can help you transform and see changes in your personal life and ministry. To watch this training, go to our YouTube channel:

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Episode 168 - How To Use Target Frequency On Google Video Ads

In this episode, Jon will be sharing how to use "Frequency" (the amount of time a person sees an ad in a period of time), within your Google Ads using videos. To watch this video training, go to:

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Episode 167 - How To Use AI Generated Images

In this episode, Jon will experiment with some AI image generation software that could be used for background images and more. To watch the video training, click here: See also: For The AI Software, go to:

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Episode 166 - Copywriting Rules For Ads and Landing Pages

In this episode, Jon will share some tried and true rules for writing compelling ads and landing pages for your digital, Christian outreach and engagement. To watch the training, click here:

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Episode 165 - Keep Pushing

In this episode, Jon shares about 4 strategies and concepts that can help us continue to push forward, discover new ideas, and take new risks. To watch the video of this show, click here:

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Episode 164 - Using Google To Make Hook Videos And VoiceOver Audio

In this episode, Jon will demonstrate how to use a new feature in Google Ads to create short hook videos with computer generated voiceovers in multiple languages. To watch the training on YouTube, click here: To check out the new Frontier Filmmaking Seminar coming up by Create Mobile, click here:

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Episode 163 - 3 Questions As You Move Forward

We all face questions, obstacles, and doubt as we try to make Jesus famous in every people group in the world, so in this week's episode, Jon will share 3 questions that help you prepare your content, and yourself, as you move forward. Click here to watch the video training:

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