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Episode 132 - How To Do A Year-End Audit And Look Forward

In this podcast, Jon will share some encouragement and ideas of how to look back to your media outreach efforts and to look forward to the coming year. Ideas for analysis and growth are mentioned, as well as the need to always look up in gratitude to what the Lord is doing through your ministry efforts.

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Episode 113 - 6 Reasons Why Your Website Traffic Is Not Converting

In this episode, Jon will discuss 6 reasons why your website visitors might not be converting. From downloading a Bible, watching more videos, or sending a private message, Jon looks at what might be stopping these results from taking place.

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Episode 153 - Tools For Team Chat, Search, File Transfers, And More

In this episode, Jon will share some of Kavanah's favorite tools for secure communication, searching, file sharing, social networks, and even alternatives to Slack. To watch this training content, click here: Mentioned in this training: https://pr...

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Episode 43 - Digital Responders Advanced Training

In This Episode - 1. Hear About How The Role of Digital Responder Might Need To Be Divided In Two 2. Learn How To Best Handle Different Types of Responses 3. Learn How To Best Organize and Respond To People Online 4. Learn Different Options and Tools Built In To Facebook Inbox For Your Responders

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Episode 160 - Data Privacy, Protection, and the Law

In this episode, Jon will talk through different data privacy and protection issues that are becoming more prevalent. Different laws, platforms, and rules can make this a challenge, so Jon addresses some of the areas you may need to address. To watch this training, go to:

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Episode 162 - How To Use Frequency In Your Custom Audiences

In this episode, Jon will show how to use the frequency of a custom event from the pixel to create highly tuned and focused custom audiences. These audiences can be used for lookalike audiences or even just run ads to them for a very low ad spend. To see this training, go to:

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Episode 158 - One To Many Global Partnership Opportunity

In this episode, Jon shares the overall "One to Many" global partnership opportunity. The why, how, and even who of a global movement of digital engagement partnerships to help finish the task. To see the presentation, click here:

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Episode 161 - How To Know Your Audience and Create Compelling Ads

In this episode, Jon will share questions and ways to better understand your target audience and how this can shape the "offer" and the content of your ads. To watch this training, go to:

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Episode 163 - 3 Questions As You Move Forward

We all face questions, obstacles, and doubt as we try to make Jesus famous in every people group in the world, so in this week's episode, Jon will share 3 questions that help you prepare your content, and yourself, as you move forward. Click here to watch the video training:

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Episode 164 - Using Google To Make Hook Videos And VoiceOver Audio

In this episode, Jon will demonstrate how to use a new feature in Google Ads to create short hook videos with computer generated voiceovers in multiple languages. To watch the training on YouTube, click here: To check out the new Frontier Filmmaking Seminar coming up by Create Mobile, click here:

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