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Episode 135 - Using Google Tag Manager To Create Tags For Other Programs

In this episode, Jon will demonstrate how to add other tags (Facebook Pixel, Twitter, etc.) so that they work on your website without having to change the code on your actual landing pages and website. To watch the video of this show, go to:

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Episode 134 - How To Get Started With Google Tag Manager

In this episode, Jon will share some of the benefits and how to get started using Google Tag Manager for your evangelistic website. Watch the video of this at:

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Episode 133 - How To Leverage Lessons From Youtube In Your Overall Efforts

In this episode, Jon will share several areas that you can make the most of from your Youtube channel. Even if you don't use Youtube, there are several lessons that can be applied to your overall media outreach efforts. From creating playlists to profile adjustments, there are many ways we can learn and leverage from one media effort to another.

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Episode 132 - How To Do A Year-End Audit And Look Forward

In this podcast, Jon will share some encouragement and ideas of how to look back to your media outreach efforts and to look forward to the coming year. Ideas for analysis and growth are mentioned, as well as the need to always look up in gratitude to what the Lord is doing through your ministry efforts.

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Episode 131 - An Interview With Patric Gozur from Faith Comes By Hearing

In this episode, Jon will talk with Patrick Gozur from Faith Comes By Hearing. He will share insights to their Google Ads efforts for ministry teams around the world and we think it will a blessing to you and your ministry. In this conversation he will mention the following things and links: - FCBH's developer API FCBH Googl...

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Episode 130 - How To Use Questions And Options On Your Landing Pages

In this episode, Jon will share about how to use TypeForm to create questions and options for people on your landing pages. This allows you to better know your audience and their interest and needs. It also can allow you to share the right content with what a person is wanting at that moment. (An example of how a TypeForm can work in action)

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Episode 129 - How To Test Different Organic Posts Within Facebook's Creator Studio

In this episode, Jon will share how to use a builtin tool within the Creator Studio suite to help test different organic posts ideas. You can tests videos, images, links, text, and much more!

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Episode 128 - How To Run Experiments On Your Website

In this week's podcast, Jon will share a FREE way that you can run experiments on your website. This can be a powerful tool to segment your audience, and learn new insights. We hope it is a blessing to you.

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Episode 127 - New Ad Examples and Lessons Learned

In this episode, Jon will share about how engagement can help you know your audience, evaluate your content, and more. He will also share about several new ad campaign examples that are available for you and how you might use them in your digital outreach endeavors.

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Episode 126 - Targeting Changes, Name Changes, and Quarterly Discoveries

In this episode, Jon will share about how the new, Facebook (Meta) targeting restrictions are coming, and how we can push forward in our efforts despite the changes. He also shares he's recent findings from researching over 200 different ad accounts in this last quarter and gives suggestions on ways that you might experiment and try new things.

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