About Us

Jon Ralls


Jon is the founder and owner of Kavanah Media.  He has been working with clients and students for the last 15 years in the Communications and Media Industries.
After spending almost a decade working and living overseas (Taiwan), he and his team are working with clients from all around the world.


Gettin' Stuff Done - Payer of Pay and Biller of Bills

Amy is the virtual office manager, accounts payable/receivable, payroll clerk, and supply chain manager of the coffee beans. She is an exceptional chocolate aficionado, frequent participant of pilates classes, and loves to hike in the Smoky Mountains 


Social Media Sensei

Sean manages many of our social media and search engine marketing campaigns. He is a former student-athlete, as well as a marketing and management graduate from the University at Albany. Sean currently resides in Tennessee but has spent 7 years living overseas in Taiwan.

Casey B

Chief Over-Thinker

Casey’s background is weird.  He worked in Taiwan for eight years planting churches, teaching martial arts, and enjoying the beaches.  After returning to the U.S, Casey wanted to leverage his cross-cultural experience and earned an International MBA in Supply Chain Management and Operations and has worked in Aerospace for the six years prior to coming on board at Kavanah Media.  At Kavanah, Casey is working to increase the capacity and capability to help Christ’s Global Church finish the task.


Digital Dynamo

Allen has lived on four continents and worked with various interdenominational and cross-cultural ministry teams which has given him a unique perspective on global marketing.  He currently lives in Taiwan and directs the Media 2 Movements digital strategy outreach for Taiwan Missionary Fellowship. Allen brings technical expertise and marketing consulting experience to the team, specializing in social media and online ads, website development, and data collection and analysis. 


Content Curator - Picture Post Preacher - One Ad Mamajama

Cherry is based in Taiwan and is passionate about building unity in the body of Christ. She loves helping people understand the relevance of God's word in their life's context. Cherry brings creativity and writing skills to the team, specializing in writing ad journeys and landing page content.