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Episode 42 - Don't Lose The End Goal As We ALL Play A Part

In this episode:

-Hear the challenge and the strategy behind the total, end to end method

-Understand that you have a role in this movement

-Work towards unity in our combined efforts around the world

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Episode 41 - A Heavy Heart & An Interview With A Media To Movement Worker In Italy

In this Episode, You Will Hear

-Our hearts go out to a friend, family, and team in N. Africa who suffered a loss this week

-An interview with a Media to Movement worker in Italy. Hear how he is using media, and lessons that he has learned.

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Episode 40 - COVID-19 and The Christian Media Marketing Response

In This Episode, You Will Hear How The COVID-19 Virus Is Impacting Media Campaigns Around The World.

-Some Negative Concerns

-Some Positive Responses

-The Overarching Message Of The Empty Tomb

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Episode 39 - How A Worker In The Balkans Is Getting Started Using Media To Find Seekers

In This Episode, You Will Hear The Story of Robin, A Worker Who Is Just Getting Started Using Media To Find Seekers In The Balkans.


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Episode 38 - Multiple Posts Ideas To Help You With Content Creation

In This Episode You Will Learn:

The Different Types Of Posts You Can Use For Content Creation On Both Paid and Organic


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