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Episode 70 - Digital Outreach In A Pandemic World

In This Episode -

1. Hear our thoughts on what is changing in an outreach within a pandemic world.

2. Discover some outreach ideas that will help even when your gatherings can be in person again.

3. Ministry mindset changes that can help in the midst of a pandemic.

4. Truths that do not change.


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Episode 69 - Security Considerations When Doing Social Media Marketing

In this episode you will learn about different security settings and practices that are advised when doing social media marketing.

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Episode 68 - Lessons Learned, An Interview Of A MTM Practitioner In Asia

In this episode, you will hear from a MTM practitioner who works with a broad network in Asia. He will describe lessons learned, opportunities, and challenges faced in their media outreach efforts.

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Episode 67 - Coaching Resources and Marketing Done For You

In This Episode, You Will Learn About

1. A new, end to end coaching solution that is staffed with specific experts to help your team in their media to movement efforts. From creating a prayer movement, establishing branding, creating your first ad campaign, and more, you will have a dedicated coach working with you in each step. (

2. A new service by Kavanah Media to help serve those who do not want to learn and keep up to date with social media and with marketing. This service helps you concentrate on what you went to the field to do, to tell people about Jesus. 

3. A request to hear stories of organic outreach growth, or any other stories or people that you think might be a blessing to this podcast audience. 

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Episode 66 - Facebook Is Changing LookALike Audiences And What You Should Do

In This Episode, You Will Learn -

1. How Facebook is changing LookALike Audiences

2. What steps you should take to make sure that your top of funnel audiences are the highest quality

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