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Episode 26 - How To Use Facebook Lead Ads In Finding Seekers

In This Episode You Will Learn

1. What Is A Lead Ad

2. How To Use One To Find Seekers

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Episode 25 - Changes Happening Within Facebook Messenger & Other Answers To Listener Questions

In This Episode, You Will Learn

1. Changes Happening To Facebook Messenger

2. What the 24 and 1 Rule Is and How It Is Changing

3. Why Site Speed Is Important And What I Recommend

4. Accountability Questions Within A Media Followup System

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Episode 24 - Chatbots In Media to Movement Ministry

In This Episode, You Will Learn

1. What is a chatbot

2. Where Chatbots Are Actively Being Used

3. Reasons To Consider Using A Chatbot

4. Helpful Hints When Using A Chatbot


Episode 23 - The Role of the Spirit In Empathy Marketing (Part 2)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

-Different Types of Longings That Marketers Try To Address

-Understanding How ALL Spiritual Longings Are Fulfilled In The Spirit

-Understanding How To Use The Fruit of the Spirit To Filter Your Content


Episode 22 - You Are Not Alone (How To Use Empathy Marketing Pt 1)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

-The Origins of Empathy Marketing

-Understanding How Jesus Communicated To People

-Understanding Why It Is Important That People Realize That They Are Not Alone