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Episode 86 - Going Back To Basics

In this episode, you will 

1. Hear about our heart for movements

2. Hear about different percentages in relation to an end to end strategy

3. Hear about what parts we see as critical and how we can all work together for God's glory

4. Hear about language changes to ads to help with community standards and help cast vision

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Episode 85 - Recent Surge In Ad Accounts Disabled And What You Can Do

In this episode, you will hear about

1. A recent increase in ad accounts being disabled

2. Some possible causes or reasons behind why this could happen

3. Possible solutions if this happens to you

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Episode 84 - Facebook Pages Are Changing In BIG Ways

In this episode, you will

1. Hear about the new, live video show starting on Jan. 26th

2. Hear about some major changes that Facebook is making in regards to pages

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Episode 83 - How To Overcome Obstacles & Friction In Your Media (and life) Efforts

In this episode, you will learn -

1. An update about the WhatsApp privacy controversy

2. How to eliminate friction in your media efforts with 5 Key Steps

3. Coaching and Evaluative Resources available from the Media To Movements Team


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Episode 82 - Prayer Campaign Example

In this episode, you will learn

1. About the new, live video training show coming in late January

2. About a 4 part prayer media outreach campaign with ad examples and landing pages

3. Metrics and reasons behind the campaigns

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