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Episode 106 - Using Doodle Videos In Your Marketing Efforts

In this episode, we will look at Doodle videos and how you might use them in your marketing, things to look for in the software, and even some examples from one of the podcast listeners. 

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Episode 105 - Takeaways, Mindsets, and Opportunities From The Data

In this episode, Jon will talk through the major takeaways and applications from the data analysis from over 80 different countries. In this podcast you will learn about thinking about time, location, prayer, AND about thinking about sidewalks and not just funnels. 

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Episode 104 - Marketing Results In April to June 2021 From 210 Teams in 81 Countries

In this episode, you will hear the most recent marketing results from 210 teams in 81 countries. We will look at Reach, Outbound Click Through Rate, Ad Spend, Themes, Content, and more.

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Episode 103 - What Is Working? Redefining Terms & An Appeal To You

In this episode, we will discuss the idea of "what is working?" Do we need to redefine terms such as "Vanity" metrics? 

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Episode 102 - Link Click Through AND Outbound Link Clicks Explained

In this episode, you will learn

1. How things are changing in the pixel and analytics world

2. What is the link click through rate

3. What is the outbound link click through rate and how to find it

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