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Episode 5 - How To Have An End-To-End Strategy In Mind

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

- Compare digital marketing to fishing
- Compare digital marketing to a real conversation
- How to move someone through a marketing funnel via Awareness --> Engagement --> Spiritual Lead --> Conversion
- Trigger actions
- How to follow-up with users who have completed a certain action (e.g., download the Bible) with Facebook custom audiences and ads
- How to keep the conversation going with a warmer and more interested audience


Episode 4 - What To Expect Paid Ads To Cost

In today's episode you will learn:

1. How the bidding process works

2. How bidding, placement, relevance, and audience selection can impact costs

3. What ad objectives are working right now at the lowest costs


Episode 3 - Important Metrics To Be Monitoring When Running An Ad Campaign

On the show today you'll learn:

-Key Objectives When Creating Content

-What Metrics You Should Be Monitoring When Running An Ad Campaign

-What Different Metrics Are Including Relevance, Clicks, Conversions Rate, Frequency, and more

-What To Do About Ad Fatigue 

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Episode 2 - How A Mission Team Had Nearly 3/4ths of A City See Their Content

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

- How a mission team used social media marketing to get a video in front of 3/4ths of a city
-  Lessons learned from doing M2DMM (Media to Disciple Making Movements)
- How dissatisfaction drove this team to try new things
- Advice for a team or church that is just getting started
- How to do an A/B test within your social media campaigns


Episode 1 - Patience and Purpose When Doing Christian Media Marketing

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

- Two mindsets that are critical to a Media to Movement methodology: Patience and Purpose
-  How to begin with the right expectations
- How to give the Facebook algorithm enough time to respond to your specified audience
- How to evaluate the frequency and costs of ads
- How to increase ad spend without breaking the Facebook algorithm
- What is the purpose that truly matters with ads and media
- Which objectives to choose for ads and why