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Episode 124 - PACE, Thinking Through What Happens When Things Change

In this episode, Jon will be sharing the PACE acronym from the military and how it applies to your digital outreach efforts. When things change, when options are gone, when your team or budget changes, what are you going to do? What is your plan? Have you tested it and trained for it? All of this will be discussed in this week's episode. 

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Episode 123 - An Interview With A Media Outreach Worker Targeting Diaspora and Homeland Seekers

In this episode, Jon will have a conversation with Andy, who is using media to reach out amongst a specific people group both in a diaspora and in their homeland. You will hear his challenges, things he has learned, and some exciting first fruits that he has seen. 

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Episode 122 - Why Youtube Ads May Be An Important Tool For Your Ministry

In this episode, Jon will share about one of the largest search engines in the world, YouTube. He will discuss the why and how of using Youtube video ads in your ministry marketing efforts. 

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Episode 121 - Burnout Within Media Ministry Efforts

In this very personal episode, Jon will share the concern that he and others have of high ministry burnout. He will share several questions to consider and areas to address in your ministry life. 

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Episode 120 - Changes To Detailed Targeting Expansion

In this episode, Jon will share some of the changes happening within social media in regards to detailed targeting expansion. How you pick your audience for your ads is changing, and it may not be for the good. 

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