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Episode 153 - Tools For Team Chat, Search, File Transfers, And More

In this episode, Jon will share some of Kavanah's favorite tools for secure communication, searching, file sharing, social networks, and even alternatives to Slack.

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Episode 152 - Tools To Keep Everything Digitally Organized

In this episode, Jon will share different software that he uses to organize his digital life and ministry.

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Obsidian Software:

Devonthink Software:


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Episode 151 - An Omni-Channel Inbox For All Your Social Media

In this episode, Jon will share one of Kavanah Media's favorite software for communicating from multiple social channels in a secure and unified way. To watch the video of this episode click on this link:

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Episode 150 - How To Share Files and Chat Securely

In this episode, Jon will share about Diode ( which is software that Kavanah uses to share files and chat completely secure while retaining digital sovereignty.

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Episode 149 - A Tool To Help Discover Interest Targeting

In this episode, Jon will show you how to use a Google Sheet tool that allows you to see more of the interest targeting available for you. By setting things up in your Facebook Developer account, you can see any of the interests that might be available when you type in a certain word.

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To watch the training on how to set up this tool and to get your code, click on this link:

To get the Google Sheet, click on this link and copy the file:

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