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Episode 65 - How To Create Content Strategies With The Seeker In Mind

In This Episode, You Will Learn

1. How asking the questions "So What?" and "What If?" can help you in your planning

2. How strategy and specifics such as who, what, when, where, and how relate to your Christian media marketing

3. Why thinking through logistics (Facebook Pixel, Analytics, Custom Audiences, Next Steps, and more) before you begin an ad campaign is important

Plus, be listening for an opportunity to help in some specific research that is being done.

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Episode 64 - Why Consistency Is SO Important In Your Social Media Marketing

In This Episode, You Will:

1. Hear of new changes and updates to Word Press, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and more

2. Learn why consistency in your social media marketing is so important

3. Understand how a content calendar can help you accomplish your goals

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Episode 63 - How To Use Instant Experience In Your Facebook & Instagram Marketing

In This Episode, You Will Learn -

1. Things are changing within the social media world, and how to be ready and respond

2. How to use the Instant Experience within Facebook & Instagram to create landing pages within the social media channels

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Episode 62 - Interview With Mike Schrage From GNPI And Their Global Gospel Video Content

In This Episode, You Will...

1. Hear about the history of GNPI and their heart for media to movements

2. Hear about an exciting new website that has video content, landing page ideas, ad ideas, and more

To Check Out The Global Gospel Media Content, Go To:

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Episode 61 - How To Use Tools To Better Understand Your Website Traffic

In This Episode, You Will Learn

1. How Google Optimize Can Help You Do A/B Tests On Your Website (

2. How A FREE Tool Such As Hotjar ( Can Help You See What People Are Actually Doing On Your Website

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