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Episode 11 - How To Properly Install and Use The Facebook Pixel and Event Setup Tool

On The Show Today You Will:

- Hear about the most important step in digital marketing within Facebook and Instagram...the Facebook Pixel

- Learn where to go to get your Facebook Pixel Code

- Learn about the Facebook Event Setup tool

- Learn about creating a custom audiences based off of a url or button click

-Get a FREE download of a step by set up of the pixel and Event Setup tool


Episode 10 - How To Leverage Instagram In Your Marketing Outreach Strategy

On The Show Today You Will:

- Hear About The Growth of Instagram

- Learn About Instagram Story Ads

- Learn About Instagram Carousel Ads

- Learn About Instagram Feed Ads

-Learn About A Software Tool That Can Help Make Great Videos


Episode 9 - 4 Key "C's" That Can Help You See Better Results

On The Show Today You Will:

- Learn 4 Key "C's" to help you craft better ads and move people to a point of conversion


Episode 8 - What Changes Are Happening Within Social Media Right Now?

On The Show Today You Will:

- Hear About A New Social Media Channel Called Tik Tok

- Learn About Facebook's Changes To Mobile Ad Text Length

- Learn About Facebook's Changes To Transparency, Branding, Videos, Algorithms, and More

- Learn About Google Ads Use Of Artificial Intelligence


Episode 7 - Why A Follow-Up System Is Important

On The Show Today You Will:

- Meet Chris, who is one of the lead developers and designers of a follow-up system called "Disciple Tools"

- Learn why follow-up systems are important

- Why Disciple Tools was created

- What security thoughts have gone into this follow-up system


To know more about Disciple Tools, you can go to