The Christian Media Marketing Podcast, hosted by Jon Ralls of Kavanah Media, is a leading podcast in the Christian Digital Marketing industry. Whether you need help with your digital marketing strategies, marketing campaign management, or simply to stay up to date in the constantly changing social media marketing landscape, this podcast is for you.

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About the Host - Jon Ralls

Jon is the founder of Kavanah Media, a full service Christian digital marketing agency specializing in social media ad management, search engine marketing, and more! He has been working with clients and students for the last 15 years in the Communications and Media Industries. After spending almost a decade working and living overseas in Taiwan, he and his team are working with clients from all around the world.

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Episode 180 - Count Your Blessings

In this special episode, Jon shares from his heart the many things that he is thankful for on a professional and personal level. He also shares specifically by name of how he is thankful for so many of you who partner together with Kavanah to make Jesus famous. We are grateful for you, brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Episode 179 - Marketing Funnel Thoughts When The Costs For The Seeker Are High

In this episode, Jon will share some marketing thoughts on how to arrange the marketing when the cost for the seeker is high. With the high commitment, and cost (societal, spiritual, etc.) involved in becoming a Christian, our marketing needs to be set up to reflect this reality.

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Episode 178 - How To Tell Data Stories To Supporters, Prayer Partners, and More

In this episode, Jon will share about the new, renamed, Looker Studio reports. This product, formally called Data Studio, is a great tool to help you see reports of digital ministry activity, and to share those stories with supporters, prayer partners, and more.

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Episode 177 - How To Use Logic Flow In Google Forms

In this episode, Jon will demonstrate how to use Google Forms to create a logic flow from one question to another. This free software can then be used to embed the questions on your landing pages to better understand your seekers.

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Episode 176 - How To Do A Year-End Social Media Audit

In this episode, Jon will be sharing how to download your year-end data so as to analyze it for effectiveness and for future testing.

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