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Episode 118 - An Interview With The Media Director For TWR-Motion

In this week's podcast, Jon will interview Candace Mackie who is the director of the TWR Motion digital team. The TWR team has created a great resource called "Share The Story" and Candace will share the philosophy behind it, how teams can use it, and how new languages can be added. We believe it will be a tremendous blessing to you and your ministry efforts. 



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Episode 117 - Quarterly Insights And Stats From Over 200 Teams Around The World

In this episode, Jon will share insights and data from over 200 teams around the world. This is a part of the quarterly research and results that he shares so that you can learn costs, click through rates, themes, and mores for the region that you are ministering within. 

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Episode 116 - How To Establish Trust In The Web 3.0 World

In this episode, Jon will talk about how the web is transitioning quickly in to what many are calling Web 3.0. Within the world that we live in, and with all of the changes taking place online and on the web, Jon will share a few areas that we need to concentrate on to help re-establish trust that may be lacking in many of the seekers that we are reaching out to. 

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Episode 115 - How Data and Google Data Studio Can Help Your Efforts

In this episode, Jon will talk about how data from multiple streams (Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc.) can be visualized and used within Google Data Studio. 


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Episode 114 - 6 Reasons Why Your Reach Is Not What You Expected

In this episode, Jon will share 6 reasons why your Facebook reach is not what you were expecting and how to fix it. He also shares a survey request from content creators wanting to hear from you. You can fill out the quick survey by clicking this link: 


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