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Episode 44 - Brand New Google Tag Manager Training

In This Episode:

1. Hear about a couple of things that are working and helping with social media ads right now

2. Hear about a brand new training available about Google Tag Manager.

3. Hear how Google Tag Manager can help you know how much a person is watching a video on your website, and/or when they click on a Bible download link.

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Episode 43 - Digital Responders Advanced Training

In This Episode -

1. Hear About How The Role of Digital Responder Might Need To Be Divided In Two

2. Learn How To Best Handle Different Types of Responses

3. Learn How To Best Organize and Respond To People Online

4. Learn Different Options and Tools Built In To Facebook Inbox For Your Responders

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Episode 42 - Don't Lose The End Goal As We ALL Play A Part

In this episode:

-Hear the challenge and the strategy behind the total, end to end method

-Understand that you have a role in this movement

-Work towards unity in our combined efforts around the world

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Episode 41 - A Heavy Heart & An Interview With A Media To Movement Worker In Italy

In this Episode, You Will Hear

-Our hearts go out to a friend, family, and team in N. Africa who suffered a loss this week

-An interview with a Media to Movement worker in Italy. Hear how he is using media, and lessons that he has learned.

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Episode 40 - COVID-19 and The Christian Media Marketing Response

In This Episode, You Will Hear How The COVID-19 Virus Is Impacting Media Campaigns Around The World.

-Some Negative Concerns

-Some Positive Responses

-The Overarching Message Of The Empty Tomb

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