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Episode 30 - Different Types of Social Media Posts For Your Funnel

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1. Different Types of Posts To Use Within Your Funnel

2. Different Reasons People Share Content On Social Media

3. Relational, Intellectual, Behavioral, Sensory, and Emotional Types

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Episode 29 - End of Year Social Media Audit To Help With Next Year's Content Planning

In This Episode You Will Learn

1. What is a social media audit and what is it good for

2. What elements need to be in your social media audit

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Episode 28 - A New Year With New M2M Possibilities

In This Episode, You Will Learn -

1. Anticipated Marketing Opportunities Coming In 2020

2. Trends and Opportunities Possible In The Next 5 Years

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Episode 27 - Retargeting (And Not Dating) Ideas

In this episode you will learn:

1. How retargeting is similar to dating and building a relationship

2. How to get started with retargeting

3. Exciting news about upcoming trainings and courses

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Episode 26 - How To Use Facebook Lead Ads In Finding Seekers

In This Episode You Will Learn

1. What Is A Lead Ad

2. How To Use One To Find Seekers

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