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Episode 59 - How To Build A Custom Audience From Private Messages OR A Chatbot

In This Episode You Will Learn How To:

1. Create A Custom Audience Of Those Who Have Private Messaged You

2. How To Export Your ManyChat Audience In To Facebook To Create A Custom Audience

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Episode 58 - Campus Ministry Outreach With Social Media Marketing

In This Episode -

1. You will hear a recording of a live training call with 70 University Campus Ministers

2. Questions Answered Will Include:

What is social media marketing?

What platforms are good for college students?

What to do when getting started?

PLUS, hear the testimony of one campus experimenting to find seeker

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Episode 57 - Melting Before Molding, How To Pre-Suade People With Our Media

In This Episode You Will Hear About - 

1. Pre-Suasion Techniques

2. Expectancy Violations Theory and Its Application

3. How We Can "Melt" People With The Holy Spirit Before They Are Molded Into The Image of Christ

4. Why The Phrase "You Are Not Alone" Is So Very Important

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Episode 56 - Answers To Listener's Questions

In This Episode You Will Hear Answers and Responses To Listener's Questions:

1. How Does The Facebook Ad Boycott effect our media outreach efforts?

2. When do we use Facebook Ads and when do we simply "boost" a post?

3. When do we make an organic post and when to use Facebook Stories?

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Episode 55 - How To Know More About Your Seekers Through Site Search

In This Episode,

Learn how using Site Search on your website will help:

1. With Content Ideas

2. With The Seeker Journey Online

Complete Details Of How To Set Things Up Can Be Found On The Kavanah Media Website

Click Here For A Great Article Showing The Detailed Technical Setup: 


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