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Episode 91 - How To Make Your Content Convert

In this episode you will,

1. Hear about how fishing is like content creation in media outreach

2. Learn about different testing methods for your content

3. Learn about different ways to think about your content

4. Hear about the power of testimony and social proof in your content 

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Episode 90 - Social Audio in a Social Media World

In this episode, we will look in to the new arena of social audio. You will learn about

1. Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and other social audio spaces

2. Opportunities of how social audio can be used in ministry

3. The risks and rewards of using social audio in your ministry objectives

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Episode 89 - Exciting New Content Available

In this episode, you will hear

1. Why content is such an important part of your overall media outreach efforts

2. A new, free resource of ad examples, landing page examples, and more made available on the Kavanah Media site.

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Episode 88 - An Interview With An IMB Worker And His First Attempts At Media Outreach

In this episode, you will hear

1. An interview with Matt Ostertag from the IMB

2. Hear how they got started using media in their outreach

3. How their first campaign went and some surprising results that came about

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Episode 87 - Facebook Events and Domain Verification

In this episode, you will learn about

1. Changes in the Facebook Attribution Model and what it means for your results

2. Changes in the Facebook Events configuration in light of the recent iOS 14 and other changes

3. How to verify your domain so that you can keep optimizing your ads for custom events 

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