The Christian Media Marketing Podcast, hosted by Jon Ralls of Kavanah Media, is a leading podcast in the Christian Digital Marketing industry. Whether you need help with your digital marketing strategies, marketing campaign management, or simply to stay up to date in the constantly changing social media marketing landscape, this podcast is for you.

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About the Host - Jon Ralls

Jon is the founder of Kavanah Media, a full service Christian digital marketing agency specializing in social media ad management, search engine marketing, and more! He has been working with clients and students for the last 15 years in the Communications and Media Industries. After spending almost a decade working and living overseas in Taiwan, he and his team are working with clients from all around the world.

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Episode 165 - Keep Pushing

In this episode, Jon shares about 4 strategies and concepts that can help us continue to push forward, discover new ideas, and take new risks.

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Episode 164 - Using Google To Make Hook Videos And VoiceOver Audio

In this episode, Jon will demonstrate how to use a new feature in Google Ads to create short hook videos with computer generated voiceovers in multiple languages.

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Episode 163 - 3 Questions As You Move Forward

We all face questions, obstacles, and doubt as we try to make Jesus famous in every people group in the world, so in this week's episode, Jon will share 3 questions that help you prepare your content, and yourself, as you move forward.

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Episode 162 - How To Use Frequency In Your Custom Audiences

In this episode, Jon will show how to use the frequency of a custom event from the pixel to create highly tuned and focused custom audiences. These audiences can be used for lookalike audiences or even just run ads to them for a very low ad spend.

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Episode 161 - How To Know Your Audience and Create Compelling Ads

In this episode, Jon will share questions and ways to better understand your target audience and how this can shape the "offer" and the content of your ads. To watch this training, go to:

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