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Episode 76 - Training On Message and Content With Your Target Persona

In this episode, you will hear about 

1. 4th Quarter Ad costs and issues

2. How to evaluate and think through your messaging and content strategy in regards to your specific target persona

3. A season and time to be thankful

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Episode 75 - How To Compare Your Ads Within Facebook Ads Manager

In this episode, you will:

1. Learn how to use the "Compare Button" when analyzing your different Facebook Ads

2. Hear about a new "Live" video training that we will beginning (Lord willing) in January

For a video recording of how to use the "compare" button, go to our Kavanah Media Facebook at 

How To Compare Data In Facebook Ads Manager

Learn how to see how your ads are doing and compare them to other ads and timeframes

Posted by Kavanah Media on Thursday, November 19, 2020


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Episode 74 - Introduction To The New Google Analytics 4

In This Episode, You Will Learn-

1. Google possibly moving towards cohort marketing (groups) instead of one to one

2. More about the new Google Analytics version 4

3. My recommendation as to whether to use. now or still use the Universal Analytics version

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Episode 73 - An Interview With Zachary Leighton from Reliant Creative

In this episode, you will hear from Zach Leighton from (Reliant Creative)

1. Hear about the power of story

2. Learn about one of the most used story formats throughout history

3. Discover many free resources for your ministry outreach

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Episode 72 - What To Do When Your Ad or Ad Accounts Have Issues

In this episode

1. Learn what to do when your ad review gets stuck

2. Learn what to do when your ad get denied

3. Learn some best practices when setting up and using a Facebook and Instagram Ad Account

4. Learn about content ideas from a partnership between Kavanah Media and LUMO

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