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Episode 94 - Instagram Ads

In this episode, we will be talking about Instagram ads. We will look at:

1. Story Ads

2. Photo Ads

3. Video Ads

4. Carousel Ads

And information about hashtags and more.

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Episode 93 - How To Use Keywords And Do Research On Your Target Persona's Words

In this episode, we will look at different tools that can be used to discover keywords and phrases that your target audience is using. 

We look at:

Google Trends

Facebook Audience Insights

Twitter Search

Google Ads Keyword Planner

And More!

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Episode 92 - How To Tell What Kind Of Ads Others Are Running

In this episode, you will learn how to see what ads others are running. 

1. Learn what phrases and creatives they are using

2. List other pages in the Insights section of "Pages To Watch" to see how their engagement and other variables are. 

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Episode 91 - How To Make Your Content Convert

In this episode you will,

1. Hear about how fishing is like content creation in media outreach

2. Learn about different testing methods for your content

3. Learn about different ways to think about your content

4. Hear about the power of testimony and social proof in your content 

Headline Analyzer Tool:

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Episode 90 - Social Audio in a Social Media World

In this episode, we will look in to the new arena of social audio. You will learn about

1. Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and other social audio spaces

2. Opportunities of how social audio can be used in ministry

3. The risks and rewards of using social audio in your ministry objectives

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