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Episode 148 - How To Use Small Sections Of A Video On Your Website

In this video, Jon will share how to use a smaller part of an embedded video from Youtube, Jesus Film, or other places on your own website.

You can watch the video training by clicking on this link:

Code for the embeds:

"?start=(time in seconds)&end=(time in seconds)" Youtube place right at the end of the src url link before the final "

"&start=(time in seconds)&end=(time in seconds)" from Jesus Film Watch page for Jesus Film and LUMO videos. Place right before the "&player" in the embed link.

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Episode 147 - How To Do A Social Media Security Audit

In this episode, Jon will walk through some simple steps that you can do to check on the security of your social media accounts.

To watch the video of this episode, click here:

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Episode 146 - Lessons Being Learned From Running Ads In Ukraine

In this episode, Jon will share some valuable lessons that he is learning in partnership and marketing while running ads in Ukraine.

To watch the video, go to:

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Episode 145 - What To Do With Targeting Options

In this episode, Jon will share about different prayer endeavors that are going on right now, and will share what to do with different targeting options now that Christian options such as Jesus and Bible have been removed.

Pray For Ramadan:

Pray For Ukraine:

To watch the training click this link:

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Episode 144 - Verification Questions

In this episode, Jon will share some answers to listeners questions about the verification process for accounts, websites, etc. on different social media channels.

To watch the training and podcast, click on this link:

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