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Episode 143 - Partnership In The Kingdom

In this episode, Jon will share his heart about partnership and will share the best practices when you are sharing Facebook accounts, and other data. Knowing how to do it correctly can help keep your partners and other accounts open and secure.

To watch this video training, click this link:

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Episode 141 - Using Google Tag Manager To Set Up Specific Events

In this podcast and video, Jon will bring on Allen from the Kavanah Media team, to help show how to use Google Tag Manager to create specific events that will show up within Google Analytics 4. If you are using Bible Downloads, Buttons, or different types of Call to Action items, this training is for you. 

To see the training on video, click on this link:

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Episode 140 - How To Build Audiences & Segments In Google Analytics 4

In this episode, Jon will share two different ways to build audiences within Google Analytics 4. These audiences and/or segments can be used for remarketing and better understanding your website visitors.

Click on this link to watch the video:

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Episode 139 - Google Analytics 4 Users and Events

In this episode, Jon will begin to look at the different ways that Google Analytics 4 can be used to better understand your audience. He will also address the changes within Facebook Targeting and the current issue with GDPR and legal threats.

To watch this episode, click on the link below:

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