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Episode 128 - How To Run Experiments On Your Website

In this week's podcast, Jon will share a FREE way that you can run experiments on your website. This can be a powerful tool to segment your audience, and learn new insights. We hope it is a blessing to you. 

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Episode 127 - New Ad Examples and Lessons Learned

In this episode, Jon will share about how engagement can help you know your audience, evaluate your content, and more. He will also share about several new ad campaign examples that are available for you and how you might use them in your digital outreach endeavors. 

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Episode 126 - Targeting Changes, Name Changes, and Quarterly Discoveries

In this episode, Jon will share about how the new, Facebook (Meta) targeting restrictions are coming, and how we can push forward in our efforts despite the changes. He also shares he's recent findings from researching over 200 different ad accounts in this last quarter and gives suggestions on ways that you might experiment and try new things. 

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Episode 125 - What Does EAT and YMYL have to do with your search results?

In this episode, Jon will share what the acronym EAT and YMYL have to do with how Google (and Facebook) look at your website and content to determine where it ranks and who sees it. 

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Episode 124 - PACE, Thinking Through What Happens When Things Change

In this episode, Jon will be sharing the PACE acronym from the military and how it applies to your digital outreach efforts. When things change, when options are gone, when your team or budget changes, what are you going to do? What is your plan? Have you tested it and trained for it? All of this will be discussed in this week's episode. 

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