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Episode 99 - Retargeting Strategies In Light of iOS 14.5

In this episode, you will learn

- retargeting strategies that still work in light of the pixel changes and Apple's iOS 14.5 privacy changes. 

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Episode 98 - 2021 Global MTM Research Results

In this episode, you will hear about

1. Regional hubs

2. Different streams of MTM

3. The results of the 2021 Global Media to Movements research

For the full research report and slides, go to: 


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Episode 97 - Our Testimony, A $50,000 Grant To Help You, And What Kavanah Media Does As a Business As Mission

In this episode, you will learn

1. The history behind Kavanah Media and our heart and vision for the world

2. About a $50,000 grant to help teams with their evangelistic ad outreach

3. Specifics about what Kavanah Media does as a business as mission

Click here to watch the video of this talk:

Click here to fill out the grant interest form:

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Episode 96 - Phases Within The Media To Movements Training

In this episode, you will hear about the different phases and trainings available through the Media to Movements team. We will look through the different parts of what we see are the critical roles, trainings, and resources that can help a team implement and have success using media for an end-to-end (online to offline) strategy. 


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Episode 95 - Facebook Analytics, Google Smart Ads, & Google Insights

In this episode, you will learn about

1. Facebook Analytics tool. It is shutting down, so what does that mean for your ministry.

2. Google Smart Ads. Are they good for what you wanting to do?

3. Google Insights. Learn how you can see the latest trends and suggestions for your Google Ads.

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