Weekly Marketing Rundown - March 22nd, 2024

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Weekly Marketing Rundown - March 22nd, 2024

Hi everyone,

In this week's edition of Kavanah Media's Weekly Marketing Rundown, we'll talk about changes to YouTube's analytics, sponsored AR filters on Snapchat, and more. Let's dive in. 

ICYMI: Kavanah Media Has A New Ad Resources Page

Our team here at Kavanah Media has been working hard on an improved ad resources product, bringing ready-made campaigns for teams' digital engagement efforts all over the world. All of the resources are free to use, and all ads found on the site have been used successfully by field teams. On the page, you'll be able to filter by multiple languages, topics, campaign types, and media sources to find ready-to-use content for your context. All content is available to use free of charge. 

We are still actively adding campaigns, so make sure to check back periodically for more. You can access the site at the link below:


YouTube Testing New Audience Retention Features for Creators

YouTube is testing out an update to its viewer retention charts in YouTube Studio, aimed at giving creators more insights into how their audience interacts with their content. This update, currently in testing with a select group of creators, will allow them to see viewer retention data based on different audience segments. Creators will be able to analyze their video performance among various groups, including subscribers versus non-subscribers, new versus returning viewers, and organic versus paid traffic. This provides a deeper understanding of audience behavior, such as how subscribers react to certain videos compared to non-subscribers or how effective paid promotions are. The update is expected to roll out to the public soon. 

For more on this, click the link below:


Snapchat Introduces Sponsored AR Filters for Enhanced Advertising Opportunities

Snapchat is offering advertisers a new way to engage with users through the launch of Sponsored AR Filters. This new ad format allows brands to create augmented reality overlays that users can add to their Snaps after capturing a photo or video, but before sharing it. This differs from Snapchat's existing Sponsored AR Lenses, which are applied before taking the photo or video. Advertisers can design these AR Filters using Snap’s Lens Web Builder, selecting from various templates like countdown timers, quiz generators, and virtual try-ons for makeup or eyewear. These filters also support calls to action and can be featured in Snapchat's Lens Carousel, giving advertisers a chance to catch users' attention before they create a Snap.

For more on this, click the link below:


Google Partners with Disney for Expanded Advertising Reach

Google has recently enhanced its advertising capabilities through a new integration with Disney's Real-time Ad Exchange (DRAX). This collaboration enables advertisers using Google's Display and Video 360 platform to extend their campaigns beyond Disney+, reaching a broader range of Disney properties and platforms. Initially, Google's integration allowed for ad placements on Disney+, marking the first phase of their partnership. The expanded scope of this partnership now includes more advanced measurement solutions and the ability to quickly secure deals for Disney’s ad inventory using contextual and audience segments.

As of right now, this is only available for Google Display and Video 360 (DV360) users. DV360 has a minimum monthly spend of $50,000 USD to be eligible, so keep that in mind before deciding whether or not to make it a part of your strategy. 

For more on this, click on the link below:


Research: Insights into TikTok's Algorithm

Researchers from the U.S. and Europe have made strides in understanding TikTok's influential algorithm, which has significantly impacted the landscape of social media and prompted competitors like Meta to revamp their own algorithms. Even TikTok insiders admit they don't fully grasp how the algorithm decides what videos to show users. The study, led by Karan Vombatkere at Boston University, utilized data from users under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They analyzed this data alongside information from bot accounts and a baseline of random video scrolling to decipher the workings of TikTok's algorithm.

The research revealed that 30% to 50% of the first 1,000 videos encountered by TikTok users are tailored to their past interests. The algorithm prioritizes videos similar to those previously liked by the user or based on the accounts they follow. The extent of engagement, like the percentage of a video watched, seemed to have a lesser impact. "Our paper is a first step into getting some insight into how this personalization works," said Vombatkere. Additionally, the study found significant variability in the experiences of different users with the algorithm, suggesting a personalized approach to content recommendation.

For more on this, click the link below:


Thanks for reading this edition of Kavanah Media's Weekly Marketing Rundown! For more up-to-date insights in digital marketing, make sure to follow us on our social media channels using the link below. 


Author: Sean Ralls

Article Published: March 22nd, 2024


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