Weekly Marketing Rundown - September 8th, 2023

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Hi everyone,

In this week's edition of Kavanah Media's Weekly Marketing Rundown, we'll talk about Threads, X, Instagram, and Creation Tools. Lets dive in!

Is It Still Possible For Threads To Make a Big Impact On Early Interest? Let's Dive In And Find Out!

Meta's Threads app reached 100 million members in a week, but its growth has significantly dropped since then. Threads has 128 million users, with only an additional 28 million members in seven weeks. Threads has only 10 million daily active users, down from its peak of 49 million DAU (daily active users) in July. X has 250 million daily active users, in comparison. Threads could still become significant, but the lack of an API and scheduling functionality is a major impediment. Meta is exploring new ways to promote Threads, but it needs to get more influential users to prioritize Threads. While Threads offers a functional alternative, it hasn't fully fleshed out its platform to become an actual replacement for Twitter. The Threads team is still working; the next shift could be key to its success.

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X Experiments With Improved Discovery for Video Live-Streams

X is focusing more on video content to increase user engagement. However, it needs to improve video discovery, especially for live broadcasts. Currently, if a follower misses a tweet or post notifying them that someone they follow is streaming, there is no alert or indicator to keep them updated on in-progress streams. One way to solve this issue is by adding a notification feature for live video content. This small change could help X better showcase live video content and add more emphasis on live-streams, making it a valuable addition.

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Instagram is testing a feature to let you share feed posts just with “Close Friends”

Instagram is testing a feature that lets users share feed posts with their “Close Friends” group. The feature is being tested in select countries, with no official confirmation on which ones. In the past, Instagram has launched similar features, including the ability to share Stories with a private list of “Close Friends.” What are your thoughts on the idea of sharing feed posts with only your close friends?

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6 Ways to Level Up Your Shorts With Our Newest Creation Tools

YouTube created Shorts to make it simple for creators to create and share short-form videos on YouTube. We're always adding new features to help creators be more creative, including the Collab tool, new effects and stickers, a vertical live experience, creation suggestions, Shorts playlist, and recomposition tools to turn horizontal videos into Shorts. With over 2 billion monthly viewers, Shorts continues to grow, and we're excited to see what creators do with them next!

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