Weekly Marketing Rundown - August 11th, 2023

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Weekly Marketing Rundown - August 11th, 2023

Hi everyone,

In this week's edition of Kavanah Media's Weekly Marketing Rundown, we have lots of new Meta ads updates, an update to Google Ads scripts, and a new TikTok update related to Ai generated content. Let's dive in. 

9 New Meta Ads Updates

- EU advertisers can now set default payer and beneficiary information for their accounts. This can be done in your ad account settings.

- Suggested Ads on Advantage + shopping campaigns.

- You can now combine lead forms as a browser add on for your website when running ads with a leads objective.

- When you add a Custom Audience that is too small, you will now receive a prompt telling you to change or remove it.

- You can now run 4-day a/b tests with catalog ads.

- You can now compare attribution settings on your iOS app campaigns.

- You can now run up to 3 Advantage+ app campaigns with identical targeting and optimization settings at the same time.

- You can now include or exclude postal codes for Advantage+ app campaigns

For more on this, click the link below


TikTok Adds New Required Labels for AI-Generated Content

TikTok now requires users to tag AI-generated content, especially if it shows "realistic scenes." They updated their rules on this in March and provided creators with a dedicated tag for AI-generated content. This move is ahead of other platforms like Instagram and YouTube. TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, has already added AI labels to the Chinese version of the platform.

Click below to learn more:


Google Ads Scripts Now Support the Ads API's "Mutate" Function

This week, Google Ads rolled out an update to Google Ads Scripts now allowing advertisers to use the Ads API's mutate function.

What are Google Ads Scripts?

- Google Ads Scripts are pieces of javascript code used to automate functions within your Google Ads account. These automations can do things such as automatically adjusting bidding or automating reports.

What is the "Mutate" Function?

- To put it simply, the mutate function allows you to create, update, and remove resources at depth and specificity that was previously not supported in Google Ads.

When should I use this?

If a script can automate a task without losing accuracy and quality, then it is likely a smart move. However, there are some things to keep in mind before you start inserting scripts into your ad account.

1. If you are not a developer and/or don't have access to one, be extremely careful. Many scripts have the power to delete and change things in your account that would have a profound impact on your efforts.

2. You don't necessarily have to code it from scratch. Many tried and tested scripts are available for free online. We still recommend having a developer look at it and adjust the proper sections to ensure that the script works as advertised on your account.

For a more detailed explanation of the update to Google Ads scripts, read the article linked below:


Reels Creators Angered Over Meta Revenue Share Payments Error

Meta corrected notifications to short-form video creators regarding Music Revenue Sharing payouts that were mistakenly sent after a glitch in the system caused some Facebook creators to be notified that they would receive tens of thousands of dollars from the program, according to Fortune.

Click below to learn more.


Meta Forcing Businesses to Enable Checkout with Facebook or Instagram

As of August 10th, no more shops in the United States using third-party partners can be brought into Meta without having checkout with Facebook or Instagram enabled.

What this essentially means is that if you are selling any products on Facebook, you need to enable the option for users to checkout within the app, rather than them clicking and being forced to checkout off-platform.

This doesn't mean that you can't advertise eCommerce on your website, but simply that the option to checkout within the app is a requirement.

For more on this, read the official documentation from Meta linked below:


Thanks for reading this edition of Kavanah Media's Weekly Marketing Rundown! For more up-to-date insights into digital marketing, make sure to follow us on our social media channels using the links below. 

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Authors: Sean Ralls and Joel Overstreet

Article Published: August 11th, 2023


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