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Episode 53 - How YWAM FM is Using Media To Find Workers, Seekers, and More

In This Episode You Will Hear - 1. How YWAM FM (Youth With A Mission Frontier Missions) is using media to find workers, seekers, and more. 2. How They Are Seeing Media Being Used In Church Planting Efforts 3. How They Believe Future Workers Will Be Found and Trained For Media To Movements Efforts In The Future To learn more you can also check out their blog at Welcome to ...

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Episode 52 - A Recorded Training With A Field Worker About Custom and LookALike Audience Creation

In This Episode: 1. You will hear a recorded training call with a field worker (Dave) who has questions about audience creation 2. You will learn about creating different custom audiences 3. You will learn about the creation of lookalike audiences and how to target them to just a specific area

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Episode 51 - An Interview With Two Mission Organizational Leaders

In this episode, you will hear: 1. How digital media marketing is impacting the mobilization of workers for mission organizations 2. How social media marketing is helping an organization have their best 5 months of work in spite of COVID-19 3. How digital natives and workers comfortable with leveraging technology is becoming the norm Global Gates: Global Gates Christi...

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Episode 50 - How One Church Pastor Is Using Social Media To Reach Seekers Around The World

In This Episode You Will Hear: 1. How a church pastor is using social media to find seekers around the world 2. The role of organic content and how groups fit in his strategy 3. How testing and learning fits in his overall work 4. Advice on how to be authentic and use your gifts in digital space.

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Episode 49 - Cause Machine - An Easy Website Building Platform

In This Episode You Will Learn: 1. The background of the owner (Will Rogers) and who Cause Machine is designed for 2. How Cause Machine doesn't need plugins, updates, etc. 3. How Cause Machine is easy to use, fast, and secure 4. About how to get tremendous savings including one free month Here is a link to use to sign-up for only $29 a month which includes the Cause Machine s...

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Episode 48 - Current Content Strategies

In This Episode You Will Learn - 1. In honor of Star Wars, we have C5PO (A C, 5 P's, and an "Oh") to content creation 2. What is one metric to be checking on your content 3. 5 P's that are themes that can be used right now and in the future

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Episode 47 - A Sample Ad Campaign With Ready-made Content For Night Of Power

All Free content (videos, links, etc.) can be found at

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Episode 46 - Why A Website Should Be A Part Of Your Digital Outreach Strategy

In This Episode: 1. Learn about why websites should be a part of your social media outreach strategy 2. Tips and Tricks to make sure your site is working correctly 3. Thinking through how to leverage your website for retargeting

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Episode 45 - Knowing, Liking, and Trusting. How to Have Multiple Ads Going At The Same Time

In This Episode: 1. Learn about the marketing concepts of knowing, liking, and trusting. 2. Learn how you can set up your ad campaigns to continue running and finding you new seekers 3. Learn how and you can help people "sample" what you have to offer and then follow-up with the right message at the right time.

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Episode 44 - Brand New Google Tag Manager Training

In This Episode: 1. Hear about a couple of things that are working and helping with social media ads right now 2. Hear about a brand new training available about Google Tag Manager. 3. Hear how Google Tag Manager can help you know how much a person is watching a video on your website, and/or when they click on a Bible download link.

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